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Long trips are often exhausting. Fortunately, there are some tech gadgets that make your travel time more enjoyable and therefore it should definitely be on your packing list. We’ll show you the right hardware for any of them.

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Handheld: Play comfortably on the go

Portable consoles have been overlooked by Microsoft and Sony in recent years. However, there are still some good options with which you can play your favorite games on the go. Nintendo is on the cutting edge with the Switch. It is a hybrid console consisting of a classic living room console and a handheld console. So it can play games on TV, but it’s also portable and has its own screen, so you can use it as a handheld device without any problem.

On the console, you can play the latest Nintendo games. If you just want to use the portable function, the Nintendo Switch Lite is suitable. The lightweight version of the Switch is a bit cheaper, but its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for trains, planes and buses.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is especially portable. Source: Unsplash / Loegunn Lei

Retro fans also have a wide range of handheld devices to choose from. These games often have games from the old days pre-installed on your hard drive. But there are also modular devices. My colleague Sven brings you the best and most exciting mobile devices.

If you can wait until the end of 2021, Steam has something in the starting blocks for you. The company is working on a mobile device that should be very close to the performance of PC games. The idea is that you can take your entire Steam library with you using the so-called Steam Deck and play on the bus, train, and plane. Sven answers 12 questions about the Switch’s most popular competitor.

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E-Readers: Technological Tools for Bookworms

You can take your entire digital book collection with you with an e-reader. For bookworms, this is the perfect companion for long trips. Good e-readers have long battery life, clear, bright screens, and enough memory for all your books. In addition, the gadget should be able to read the most popular e-book formats. This includes, for example, the Kindle format from Amazon or the EPUB format from Adobe. The more formats your reader supports, the more you will choose for books, publications, and other reading materials.

If you are still looking for the right e-reader, my colleague Daniel will present you the 5 best e-readers for your holiday. There must be the right device for you.

Noise-reducing earplugs: For a good night’s sleep on the go

Earplugs, also known as earplugs, are a convenient travel companion. Just put them in your ears and annoying noises on buses, trains and planes are a thing of the past. It is also very small and therefore easy to transport. It is also inexpensive to buy. But in their most basic form, they are not yet technological tools.

1630671666 28 Tech Gadgets That Should Be On Your Packing List
QuietOn earplugs are particularly stylish. Source: QuietOn

QuietOn goes further. They offer earplugs that provide active noise cancellation, as you know with some headphones. However, QuietOn earplugs do not play music or other noise, but do not allow outside noise to enter. In addition, they are small and easy to use and should be comfortably placed in the ear. So you can sleep undisturbed, even on long flights.

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In addition to QuietOn sockets, there are of course other alternatives. My colleague Peter tested the Bose Sleepbuds for you.

Noise canceling headphones: listen to music on buses, trains and planes

When you are well rested, headphones are used. Ideally, these devices have noise canceling technology just like earplugs. It can get louder quickly on buses, trains, and planes. In such an environment, it makes more sense to block out the noise coming from outside rather than drowning out loud music.

In-ear headphones are ideal for long trips, as they are smaller in size and therefore easier to carry, for example, cases around the picture. The small earbuds can simply be slipped into your pocket or tucked away in a case.

1630671666 580 Tech Gadgets That Must Be On Your Packing List
Some in-ear headphones can also be used for noise cancellation. Source: Unsplash / Nalau Nobel

Personally, I use the surround earcup because I feel uncomfortable with headphones in the ear canal. This isn’t usually a problem, but I do take a bag with me that I can store my headphones in.

Ultrabook: the versatile device on the go

Ultrabooks are ultra-thin laptops that you can work with just about anywhere. They are distinguished by proper performance and usually have a noble appearance. This makes it ideal if you have work to do on a long trip. Ultrabooks are also great for entertaining with Netflix, YouTube, and other services.

Thin laptops are probably the most versatile tech gadget on the go, where you can surf the Internet, work, watch series, listen to music, and play some games with them. The ultra-slim design makes it very light and easy to carry. In addition, many trains, buses, and planes have a port where you can charge your device if the battery runs out. So you can use the ultrabook throughout the flight.

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Bottom line: The tech gadgets that must be on your packing list

There are many travel companions for different purposes. What they usually have in common is that they are small, portable, and somehow entertaining. Which is the right choice for you in the end depends on how you want to spend your travel time.

The e-reader is suitable for bookworms, handheld for gamers, headphones for audiophiles, and ultrabooks for anyone who wants all the functionality in one device. Of course, the drowsiness among you should not forget about earplugs.

Cover photo: Unsplash / Eva Darron

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