“Fortnite is really inspiring,” says Game Director for the Naughty Dog Multiplayer Project.

bad dog I worked on Multiplayer Project For a while now, which many of us assume factions. The last time we heard about this project, it was just that they were hiring a Monetization Designer.

Multiplayer efforts in the past have worked well bad dog, so it would be totally surprising if this new version of Factions Failed to capture at least the first good. While the idea of ​​a full-fledged, standalone multiplayer game is still new to them, it’s no surprise that they look to the big players in the space to see what works for them.

This was the case for Anthony Newman, game manager in bad dog who is currently working on a multiplayer project. In a blog post about what developers bad dog played during the year, new man Explains how his eyes opened to It is an electronic game After trying it himself.

“When I first started working on this multiplayer project, I had a very superficial view of Fortnite as something that was just a teenage game, a passing fad that was only popular because of Drake.

How wrong I was! Fortnite is really inspiring, not just as a multiplayer game, but as a gaming period. Epic takes incredible creative risks each season, invents new ways to completely change the game, and seems to be lacking in fresh ideas.

I was particularly impressed with the interactive “concert” events they created: a limited time interactive multiplayer music event? Nothing is more innovative than that! Now if only I could learn to build…”

By now it should be clear that just because he called It is an electronic game Inspiration doesn’t mean you can expect straightforward elements from it in this new multiplayer project. But it is interesting to say the least to see where the developers are drawing inspiration from.

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Source – [Naughty Dog]

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