“Fortnite”, “Rocket League”, “League of Legends”… Which is the most addictive video game?

What are the most addictive video games? This is the question that a study conducted by Al Rehab Private Clinic, a detoxification center located in the United Kingdom, is trying to answer. To achieve this, the researchers selected about fifty games and then analyzed opinions about them on Metacritic, a rating site, which reports on the niche site. 25 Entertainment In an article posted by lemon juice. They then counted the number of times the word “addiction” appeared.

This method enabled them to create a list of winners dominated by Rocket League. The game published by Psyonix seems to be more addictive than the game small wood And demigod who complete the platform. come then Stardu Valley And league of legends. It is an electronic game In the top ten, in ninth place.

endless games

Martin Preston, the clinic’s general manager, sees commonalities among the most addictive games. “Many of them do not have a predetermined end (…). This means that the player has not reached the point where they have “completed” each challenge or task, which puts the game at a natural end and allows them to move on,” he explains in 25entertainment.ie.

In 2019, the World Health Organization officially recognized excessive gaming as a disease characterized by “loss of control over gaming and increased priority given to gaming”.

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