Best Windows Shortcuts for Better PC Gaming Experience

Windows Shortcuts allow you to quickly bypass some functions of your computer as they are.

A helmet on your head, a keyboard in place, a perfect screen, it’s all ready when Windows suddenly gives you a little trouble. Here are some frequently used Windows shortcuts on your gaming PC. It facilitates Your moves in the game Like an experienced player.

Navigate from one window to another using Windows shortcuts

Alt + tab It is the most famous and most used Windows shortcut by computer users. Allow you Switch from one window to another By moving the chosen person to the foreground. For the player, it is often necessary to move quickly from one window to another, especially to display the game tools. alternative-You can view all your tabs in a thumbnail. Curb Tab Pressed to switch between window tabs.

Move a window from one screen to another

Windows + Shift + Left or Right arrow It is another frequently used Windows shortcut. It allows Move your window to the screen of your choice. Sometimes it is necessary to use the combination first Alt + Enter To reduce the game in full screen mode in windows. You can now use this shortcut to move the window from one screen to another.

Windows shortcuts to force quit the game

Your game may crash and get stuck in a certain screen. to Force an app to closeUse the famous Windows shortcut Alt + F4. SuperF4 is a more efficient version of Alt + F4.

mix Alt + Tab . is also allowed save game In case of an error, you can control your computer. Then go to Resource Monitor (Windows + S.then search for Resource Monitor). Click on the CPU menu and select your game. Right-clicking brings up a list of options. Choose Analyze the waiting string Among these choices is the termination of the lowest operation in the chain. However, this backup may not work.

Reset your computer’s graphics driver

Is your screen suddenly blank? Colors no longer have the same width? There are many graphical issues that can be encountered with a PC game, especially when you have to close the game.

Don’t panic! Reset your graphics card drivers By typing a Windows shortcut Ctrl + Windows + Shift + B.

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