Fortnite soccer outfits and cheers

Munich – The world’s most popular team sport is finding its way into the battle royale shooting game. Pele’s Air Leap is also bringing a whole new delight to the Fortnite world. Users can celebrate their epic victory just like Pele did a thousand times in his professional football career.

Interpretation of Brazilian soccer hero Pele will be available from January 23. The Pele Cup is held three days in advance, during which jumping in the air can be secured in advance.

A total of 23 football clubs participate in the crosshairs with Fortnite. This also includes three clubs in the Bundesliga, Schalke 04, Wolfsburg and Borussia Moenchengladbach. There are also international greats like Manchester City, Juventus, Turin and Seville.

Players can choose from ten different clothing styles for both men and women, thus representing their favorite club in the game. Each outfit can be adapted to one of the Fortnite soccer club official support for this.

Creative Pele Cup and Soccer Ball

Fortnite’s soccer game kicks off January 20 with the Pele Competitive Cup. All participants have a chance to win the air jump action and the starting set. According to Epic Games, those with the most points must have a special signed shirt.

In Fortnite Creative Mode, there will also be an identical soccer-themed island. There, players can compete against each other in four to four play mode on the field using the tournament tree. You play with body, axes, power ups, speed boosts and many other ways to gain the upper hand against opponents and achieve victory.

Each match consists of two rounds. In the second round, the winners of the first round play for victory and the losers for third place.

The 23 clubs participating in the Fortnite Crossover are:

Manchester City


Milan Italian club



Seattle Sounders FC

Atlanta United

Los Angeles

Santos FC


West Ham United


Sporting Lisbon

Borussia Monchengladbach

Schalke 04

VFL Wolfsburg



Sherry Osaka

Melbourne City

Sydney FC

Western Sydney Wanderers

EC Bahia

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