The 2020 home-dominated game is in decline on Twitch and Steam

Without the fashion factor, Innersloth is now targeting its dedicated community with Game Pass and Switch.

Between us

In the era of connectivity, something like popularity can be a matter of simple coincidence: Enjoy Second life Fall / Winter 2020 takes over from Fall Guys, thanks to support for the most popular broadcasters. Today, these streamers share their same parts of Rust by exiting the game Inersloth To the most specialized sector of its players. How does that translate into numbers?

There’s less content to watch due to the banners migration Steam Charts scores an all-time high with over 438,000 concurrent players – not including iOS and Android players of course – which drops to Less than 70,000 Within 24 hours of writing these lines. As you can see, the trend remains down.

at TicThe situation is exactly the same: since October, Activity rate It decreases significantly. If the average number of viewers in September is 204,000 viewers, in January 2021 it was less than 47,000 viewers and each month 30% fewer hours are consumed than before. Part of the situation can be explained if we take this into account Content makers They lose interest: In November, there were a thousand fewer active broadcasts on average compared to the previous month.

Not all is lost for Between Us, yes: its business can be considered more than healthy today, and the fact that it is free on cell phones and very affordable on a PC ensures a good flow of input. For new players and what’s more, Innersloth has new opportunities in mind such as moving to the Nintendo Switch or launching on Xbox Game Pass.

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Learn more: Between Us and Innersloth.

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