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Apex Legends Available now Nintendo Switch, After a long wait. The game offers cross-game, and in terms of content, it is nothing less than other versions. So if you are looking for a way to play one of your favorite Battle Royale on the go, this version is definitely the best. This is to answer a question: What is the resolution and frame rate De Apex Legends Su Nintendo Switch?

The response comes directly from Andy Box, the technical director of Panic Button who oversees the replacement of Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch. The Battle Royale is capable of reaching 720p and 30 FPS in modalità chopped (I.e. connected to the TV) In smaller form it will stop at 576p, always at 30 FPS.

It’s interesting to see an image like the 576p when the gaming world discusses the need to ensure 4K on next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. However, the real difference lies in the frame rate. While it is true that 30 fps (if standard) is already a great result for the Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch, it should be noted that most of the opponents in the cross game will be high if they do not reach 60 fps. Higher frame rate in a competitive game like Battle Royale is definitely a practical advantage.

In any case, the Nintendo Switch cannot exceed performance limits Panic Button is an alternative expert For the console of large N, so we can hope that the result obtained is very good.

Finally, we point out, always themed Apex Legends, Chaos Theory: New Collection Event, details and trailers here.

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Apex Legends Su Nintendo Switch Visit A ​​30 FPS

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