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Bossum Fire Brigade rescues a woman from muddy plains

Thankfully, the woman had a cell phone with her! On Monday afternoon, the lady sets out alone for a mud hike in Bossum, Schleswig-Holstein. About 400 meters off the coast, you stumble upon a tidal creek in the soft mud flats. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot get out of the silt. On the contrary: it sinks deeper and deeper into the mud. Your only salvation: your mobile phone. Bossum fire department moves in, rescue helicopter and fire department divers prepare.

Negative pressure The body absorbs deeper and deeper into mud flats

Using the so-called amphibious vehicle, firefighters can drive over mud flats and find the woman in the trouble. “The ground suddenly changes from solid to muddy. Every movement causes it to sink deeper. In addition, a negative pressure is created that literally absorbs the body in it,” explains Gerald Warner, Bossum Fire Brigade vice president. The emergency services use a special device to compress the air below the mud park so that it can be released from the suction.

Again and again people must be rescued from the muddy plains

Time and time again, tourists go hiking the mud flats in Bossum without being sufficiently aware of the dangers, says Ole Kruger of the Detmachen County Fire Association. It is always advisable to have at least one person with you who knows something well about the Wadden Sea. It is highly advised not to go out alone. “You should avoid going to the muddy plains alone,” Kruger said. And the fresh air can be enjoyed better as a couple.

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