Frédérique Marquet Portable Hair Salon

For the past few months, a brightly colored little house has been set up on Fridays, every two weeks, in the village square.

This lovely little house on wheels, with a very nice appearance, accessed by three flights of stairs, is eye catching…

nomadic? not at all.

This is the installation duly authorized by the Town Hall of the itinerant hairdressing salon Frédérique Marquet.

Surprisingly, the initiative is not lacking in interest. The design of this mobile living room, which was completely imagined by its owner and built to order, makes you wonder.

Well thought out design

Inside, everything is comfortable, everything is neatly organized, every detail has been thought out, every space has been exploited: hairdressing stations, washbasins, sliding mirrors with a panoramic opening, interior decoration for displaying products, hairdressing and beauty.

And this show, let’s talk about it: everything is based on natural extracts, shampoos, dyes (blond, brown, red, etc.), clay for dandruff and a lot of things like that.

Read the full article in the paper version of La Voix de l’Ain (Bors de Saône edition), available on newsstands until Thursday 10 March, or by accessing In the online store.

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