Free for three months for non-members who have played Hollow, Force or Age of Empire 4 –

Microsoft has decided to give the Easter gift to PC gamers: anyone who has played Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 or Age of Empire 4 on their PC since the game’s release on February 28, 2022. PC game pass for three monthsIf you have not registered for the Xbox Game Pass (PC or Console).

Know the offer by Xbox Game Pass for PC site at this address. It is mentioned that this is valid for all regions where the service is available, and therefore in Italy. To do Activate the offer, You must have purchased the above games or played a free version of Halo Infinite. We reiterate that you should never be registered, so even if you have registered, now that your subscription has expired, you will not be able to activate the ad anyway.

Xbox Game Boss

If you are not sure you can implement promotion, Go to the site mentioned above, sign in with your Microsoft account and click “Verify Eligibility”. Also, if you activate the ad, remember to cancel it before the end of the three free months, otherwise you will continue to pay the full subscription. You can use it for three months after the subscription is canceled and received.

Tell us, can you join Xbox Game Pass for PC for free? Or have you already used the service in the past?

Finally, we remind you of the first half of April 2022 games for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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