Friends Pass and curators Cut for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope verfügbar

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announces that starting today, all former owners of THE DARK PICTURES ANTHOLOGY: LITTLE HOPE will have access to a FREE FRIEND PERMIT *. A Friend’s Pass allows players to play the game one time in a “shared story” mode with another person who does not own the game

Along with Friend’s Pass, everyone is provided with Curator’s Cut, with which one can gain a fresh perspective with new and exclusive scenes after the first play. In addition to this in-game content, the game’s soundtrack is now available on all major streaming platforms.

LITTLE HOPE is the second installment of THE DARK PICTURES ANTHOLOGY, a series of indie cinematic horror games that offers a new horror experience at regular intervals. Each game features a new story, a new location, and a new set of characters.

The third game House of Ashes will be released later this year and will take players into the dark beneath the Zagros Mountains. Something old and strange is waking up and searching for new prey to chase it.

* Friend’s Pass applies to PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC – both players must play on the same platform.

More information on this and all other titles from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment can be found here:

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