K POL-KN: (Konstanz) Crepo Investigates Cell Phone Theft – Witnesses Wanted 26.2.21

02.03.2021 – 17:20

Police headquarters in Constance

Constance (OTS)

The Constance Police Department is looking for witnesses to an accident that took place last Friday around 11:30 a.m. at Walmattinger Reed in Götelper Wieg. There, a 61-year-old volunteer from a nature conservation organization became aware of a nearly 45-year-old man who had unauthorized access to a lookout point in the nature reserve area that was closed to the public. The stranger resisted a volunteer request to leave this area from Wollmatinger Ried as he did not have permission to access. After the 61-year-old threatened to call the police and took his cell phone from his bag, the unknown man suddenly attacked the nature conservation representative, struck him, choked him and snatched his cellphone. Although the victim repeatedly asked him to return the cell phone, he ignored it and hit the ground again on Gottlieber Weg. The suspect escaped with a dark-painted men’s bike he had parked at the end of the Gottlieber Weg on the banks of the Rhine in the direction of the industrial district of Konstanz. The unknown suspect was dark-haired and southern European, about 180 cm tall and strong. He wore a dark-colored jacket and jeans. The stranger knew a little German and spoke English with an Eastern European accent. He had a larger, presumably older, black telescope with him. The stranger was apparently staying at Wollmatinger Ried for bird watching. Information on the described or suspected accident described can be obtained from the Constance Police Department at 07531 995-0.

Please contact:

Uwe Vincon
Police headquarters in Constance
press office
Phone: 07531995-1010
Email: [email protected]

Original content by: Constance Police Headquarters, quoted by Aktuell News

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