From accessory to promotional tool: the evolution of the pen

A very common and everyday object, pen It is a practical and convenient accessory, widely used in any context it is necessary to sign documents and take notes by writing on paper. Today we almost exclusively use those ‘the field‘, It is also called commonly ‘Office’ From the inventor’s name (Hungarian Ladislao Biro) for the technology that distinguished them. The alternative, more accurate and expensive, is represented by him pen, Which uses an ink cartridge to bring the dye into the beak; It is not rare for “pens” to have a purely decorative function (i.e. decorating representational environments) rather than a practical function.

What has allowed ballpoint pens to keep their relevance intact and to use them more often despite the increasing prevalence of digital technologies is Practical application. Added to the latter is another factor: its potential to be a tool for branding, through the personalization process.

How to use pens for promotional purposes

Custom pens are part of branding strategies that take advantage of “branded” items with a company logo or symbol. This approach, although it may seem traditional (compared to others based on exploiting digital technologies, social media and media), is actually based on a very specific scientific basis, which is the concept of visual marketing.

It is a field that has developed since the 1960s. It is based on the assumption that the perception of the physical body has changed over time. Initially, the consumer conceived an article as a tool, that is, he realized only the practical side; Subsequently, the aesthetic and constructive privileges were merged with those of a functional nature, thus ensuring that the object was able to convey a message, and also posits a communicative ability. This privilege is also affected by the environment in which the object is entered.

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These principles are concretely applied to marketing to develop and create lines of personal tools capable of conveying a very specific message, that is, to convey the identity, values, and “mission” of the company. This is also possible with the little things, like pens and pencils, that are used daily in the most diverse contexts.

How the customization works

Pens, being small and tall objects, provide very small surfaces for customization. This does not mean that there are not many options available for creating a high-quality, functional product for the promotional strategy. From this point of view, the best option is to rely on professional personalities with proven experience, for example Selection of this type is essential to obtain a satisfactory result, since various skills (design, promotion, advertising, awards and marketing) are required for effective customization. The whole process, which extends from the formulation of the idea to the practical realization, goes through various stages of development: it is necessary, in fact, to choose the model and shape of the pens, the color of the ink, the mechanism of activation and of course, the application of the logo and other identifying marks of the brand. In addition, it is important that the customer constantly relies on a professional to suggest or implement any changes in relation to the original idea.

Benefits of custom pens

Pens are an especially functional accessory for promotional campaigns: they are practical, light, do not clutter up, and can be useful in a tangible way. In addition, it is suitable for all kinds of conditions and can be distributed through a wide range of channels. Filling options also vary and suit specific needs and contexts: pens can be delivered individually or in a special case; The choice varies according to the recipient and the approach the company wants to take toward the recipient of the tools.

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