From emergency resolution to the new normal

Don’t forget people

It is quickly becoming clear to many companies that online learning requires a certain technology infrastructure and we have to build it. A lot has happened in this regard in the past year. However, the right technology is only the first step for many towards a new normal. Trainers should be aware of the social and emotional aspects of network-based collaboration. E-learning is not just a technical process; It is about supporting people in their development. Another advantage of digitization is that it gives access to new groups of people for further training – for example

• people who do not want or cannot spend the night outside the house,

• working people who cannot or do not want to be absent from the company for one or two days,

• People who are reluctant to reveal themselves to others in a circle of chairs.

If the new standard provides a good mix of different formats, then learning will be possible in the future that is more geared towards the individual needs of the individual.

Tip: When creating new learning infrastructure and developing new learning designs, keep thinking: Who should use it? What competencies/characteristics are necessary for this?

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