Frozen Flame – The game will land early on Steam in Fall 2022

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The game developed by Dreamside Interactive will arrive in early access on Steam in the fall of 2022. An all-new trailer for Frozen Flame will be revealed during the PC Game Show on June 12.

Universe frozen flame It allows players to set out in an open world, with stunning landscapes as well as mysterious ancient ruins that seem to be a wonderful place for many pests. In this open world, the enemies will be very many. Some enemies will be more important than others. Many secrets await you throughout your adventure. It will be possible to play alone but also with your friends. quickly in relation to the date frozen flame, the enemies who call themselves faceless are spreading a kind of rot on the kingdom. The goal will be to succeed in reaching ice castle And trying to destroy the unidentified.

frozen flame

Words by Sergey Korolev, founder of Dreamside Interactive

evolution for frozen flame For nearly five years, with special attention to project quality. Following community feedback via developer playback testing, playback data, and our Discord home, we’ll continue to implement changes, including various game modes and implement mods.

From Elena Morena, CEO and Founder of Ravenage Publishing

We are pleased to collaborate on the publication of frozen flame Our main goal as a publisher is to help Dreamside To maintain a regular release of content updates for the game. We look forward to welcoming players to the world of dragons this fall.

Finally, we invite you to discover all the information about the game frozen flame. Never miss any news from the video game world on our GeekNplay website. Enjoy!

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