Restrict USB Access to Windows PC Using Ratool


Imagine you’re working, exhausted, leaving your desk for a cup of coffee only to find when you come back that the data you’ve kept secret is no longer in its original form. Your friend has access to all the information stored on your device. Pretty boring, isn’t it?

Although it may be useful in some cases, locking your computer completely is not an option for you when there is a higher-ranking person checking the important mail on your device. Well, if you can not refuse, then you can at least configure some restrictions in advance. This is where you can find Ratul be useful.

Restrict USB access to the computer


Ratool or Removable Access Tool is a free, easy-to-use and portable application that helps an individual to protect his confidential data from being copied by others via a USB drive. When you download and install the app, you are presented with a simple interface with options to temporarily disable access to the USB flash drive, access it with restricted permissions, or disable access altogether. So when you launch the app for the first time, you will notice these three different keys.

  1. Disable USB drive detection. The option is self-explanatory! It disables all USB/PenDrive storage access to your computer i.e. prevents your device from recognizing any external storage device.
  2. Allow reading and writing. This option is the default and provides normal access to USB devices. It resets everything to normal to make your USB storage/pen drive work as normal.
  3. Allow read only. This option prevents users from writing anything to the USB device, but allows them to access all the information stored on it, if necessary. This option is mainly chosen when you do not want to copy files from your computer to USB drives connected to your computer.
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The color of the USB icon changes depending on the option selected. Become:

  • Green color – When using the default option (allow reading and writing).
  • yellow – In read-only mode
  • red – In the USB disk detection mode is disabled.

Other options that you may find useful include:

USB device automation control. Helps protect your computer from virus threats by disabling the USB device autorun feature.

USB Access Restriction

Show hidden files on the specified drive. Just press the button to check if there are hidden files on the selected drive

Autorun Ratool

Password properties. Change the password for accessing the USB flash drive at any time to prevent unauthorized changes.

Ratool Change Password - 1

Simply enter a new password and press the Apply button.

Ratool - Change Password 2

Ratool Free Download

You can download Ratool for free from their site Homepage.

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