Fruit slices, never throw them away, they are worth the gold: find out what you can do with them

Gold for those who know how to use fruit waste in the garden. Learn how to do it too!

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The Scraps From Fruit They can become Gold In the hands of loving people Natural And take care of a small private garden. Not many people know that scraps are real TreasureAnd then there They throw up Without idea. On the contrary, they are the most important resource for the soil. The Back to nature Lets get plants Valuable nutrients Even from apple cores or something. Let’s see how it works and which plants this solution is suitable for.

Fruit slices, useful tips to turn them into gold with some simple care

Scraps fruit gold tips
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An example Scraps Of Fruit I think so Gold About Strawberries. This fruit It can be easily wastedThat is a big deal Benefit For thatVegetable garden. In fact, it may turn out to be one Foundation; To develop something new Plant From Strawberries. To do this, place a strawberry on the ground, perhaps under a thin layer of earth and Water for it Daily. In this way, the new seedling will grow Beauty And Fancy. This rationale applies to this as well Bananas.

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L ‘Pineapple You can at least use it Three different ways. First Remove There Upper part With leaves and place it directly on a Glass d ‘Water Create the map. When there are roots Well developed, All of which is poured into a separate bowl. To take a secondWhole pineapple Put some on the ground Wet absorbent paper To create the first leaf of the garden plant. Finally, the third option should switch Seeds From Pineapple For that Cultivation.

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So, scraps can take as you can see CompostBut a great solution to create one New plant When you do not have it Bulbs Oi Seeds Available. These procedures are required Lots of waterSo focus on anything Stagnant Impressive to parasites.

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