Funny gadgets # 6: Mouse you wear on your head

Here is one of our highlights. We’re in 1985, our Mac and mouse aren’t even two years old yet, and here is a small Massachusetts company (which is the case to say) revolutionizing the way we manage the index. on the screen.

Instead of moving the mouse foolishly across the desk, Personics had the idea of ​​combining a kind of large 85-gram headband with two ultrasound transmitters housed in a box above the Macintosh. Thanks to the three receptors located in the temples and the top of the skull, head movements were precisely identified and translated into mouse cursor movements.

To click, a small square has been added just below the space bar, so you never have to take your hands off the keyboard again. This case has a button to click, as well as a button that can turn the headset on or off, so you can freely turn your head as needed.

A big advantage of the system developed by Personix, was no driver needed, since the system is connected to the mouse port. For Mac, the process was completely transparent. On the other hand, ugly cables connected the headphone to the case, the keyboard buttons in the same case, and the case to the mouse jack on the back of the Macintosh.

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