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Stella Arcana- Eternal Stars is a new title from studio hong-kongais LRGame which we present to you in preview. Once again, we found a game before anyone else.

Stella Arcana wants to ride the HITs wave of 2020 as Genhsin Impact with an open world and long-term adventure.

Watch the trailer:

Stella Arcana: Eternal Stars: The new RPG on iOS and Android

Centuries ago, the god of light, Baldur, created the Kingdom of Light, a blessed land on which the stars would shine. But Chaos, the god of darkness the envy of this creation, brought war to this Holy Land. In order to repel the invasion, Baldur sacrificed himself and sealed the dark forces. After sacrificing, he transformed into 12 constellations to protect all beings.

Over time, people turned their backs on their ancient beliefs and myths, and the twelve constellations gradually lost their power. As darkness threatens revenge, you must now help the world of light to restore his faith, restore the power of the twelve constellations, and start a new star era, in order to protect his people.

After reading the field, you will have to embark on a big challenge where your fighting skills will be tested. This free game is clearly geared around the online mode that allows multiple people to work within a guild. If the atmosphere is nice with manga for characters and good 3D modeling of the environments, the first steps in Stella Arcana show a model that is somewhat focused on pay-to-win. Plus, we lost a bit with the automatic development spoiling the fun of experts in this field.

In any case, fans of open-world RPGs can test out Stella Arcana which, in addition to battles, offers beautiful trails and minigames such as fishing, customizing her house, and other outfits for recovery. The game adapts to everyone’s pace.

Download from file Play Store Or App Store:

Download the free game Stella Arcana – immortal stars

Stella Arcana stars eternal capture the atmosphere of ipa iphone ipad

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