Galtaire is upset with criticism of LOSC

At a press conference on Thursday, Christophe Galtaire returned to the criticism that followed Lille’s victory in Metz (2-0) and deemed his match too closed. “We can’t say that LOSC is the only expected defensive team,” the North coach defended.

Critics of LOSC, which is considered too defensive, in Paris (1-0) and Metz (2-0) in particular ended up annoying Christophe Galtier. At a press conference on Thursday, the North coach defended the performance of his team, the Ligue 1 captain, who is still scoring 53 goals (the fourth attack in the Ligue 1).

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“(This is) nonsense!” In his first question, Galliter interrupts first about the “poverty” of nightly’s offensive animation, before explaining the essence of his thinking.

“I’ve rarely seen a team go to Paris, dominate the game, be completely open and win. In Metz, our match wasn’t good. As I agree with some analyzes, our recent matches have been mediocre but you can’t say that LOSC is a defensive team that only shows itself. .

“There are times when things break down.”

Mike Minyan saved her in Monaco (0-0), Lille has the best defense in the French League with 19 goals conceded in 32 matches, and has not conceded any goal in four of his last five matches. But for Galtier, this toughness shouldn’t make us forget that the Northern Offensive was also able to carry the LOSC.

“We always try to play with offensive freshness and offensive principles but there are times when it crashes. We work a lot in training. There was a period before the Christmas holidays where we scored a lot and there, it was a more difficult period,” Galter explains.

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The leaders, three points clear of Paris Saint-Germain, greet LOSC Montpellier, who are unbeaten in 13 games, on Friday evening. In the first leg, Lille had just put on one of his best attacking displays by scoring three goals to seal the victory over Hérault (3-2).

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