Innovation and startup: Elon Musk wants to create a park with real dinosaurs

Elon Musk often makes ads that make a buzz. But someone who recently did it with a loved one is amazing. Actually, He wants to create a dinosaur park With new species to be created and bred by his squads. Kind of Jurassic Park except that it wouldn’t be about reviving dinosaurs, but really creating new dinosaurs …

An incredible project

Dinosaurs fascinate and make children dream. But not just children! The guide, Elon Musk also seems passionate! The CEO of Tesla will have a completely new project, which is directly related to dinosaurs. He would like to dedicate a team of researchers to create new dinosaurs. The latter could give birth to children, who would be raised for fifteen years.

When they are adults and healthy, Elon Musk would like to reveal them to the public in a huge garden. So we are not talking about holograms or virtual reality, we are talking about new animal species that look like dinosaurs. Netizens who discovered Elon Musk’s tweet are clearly divided about this project.

Real dinosaurs …

Some internet users say first of all that this is not the time to release these types of ads. Others believe that Elon Musk believes that he is God in his desire to create new species. Others are very excited and hope this project will succeed! We don’t know at this point how serious the project is, but we have to admit that it’s quite surprising, even if it’s just the thought of it. Especially when you see how Spielberg’s movie ends …

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At this point, the science wasn’t advanced enough to create real dinosaurs anyway. But we know that Elon Musk is a visionary, and he’s ready to do anything to fulfill his dreams. So whoever sat, maybe in fifteen years he would open his dinosaur park …

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