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At the end of the month, we will finally have a chance to get our hands on it Will return, The new exclusive PS5 created by Housemark is a rogue-light that blends the developer’s classic bullet hell soul with more cinematic style. More precisely, the return is a science fiction; So, the atmosphere is based on the player identifying with the protagonist and truly fearing for his life. To create the right atmosphere, you need something Quality audio recording: Luckily the celebrity is working on Return Composer Bobby Click, Which explained the differences in creating a movie soundtrack against a game.

Krlic, in fact, has handled the music page of many productions, most recently film del 2019 Midsummer, A horror feature film acclaimed for its soundtrack. Now, he’s working on a video game instead – exactly, -. What are the differences between a movie and a video game? In an interview with the PlayStation blog, He said on his own.

“In some ways, This is a challenge. But at the same time I think I found something that excited me the most, you try to point out an emotion, you try to express that emotion as best you can. You can extend it, you can pause it because the player can do it and he can live that moment longer than you thought. So the question is, well, how do I get that result? How do I freeze it? How to play it, move it, show interest at the same time? So yes, the most important is to target the emotion and analyze it with a magnifying glass and figure out how to move and not block it. It was so awesome“. These are the words of the composer of Return.

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Can Return scare us?

Withdrawals are available April 30, 2021 on PS5. You can read the latest in the game in our summary of the preview created by Sony.

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