Sam & Max, the game expected in a VR release in 2021 and 2022

I study them Happy giant The game is currently developing ” Sam & Max: It’s virtual this time! »It announces a series of issues on various platforms in 2021 and 2022

This Virtual reality gameTaken from the comic strip Sam & Max released In 1987, whose most recent releases were released to gamers last year on PC and Nintendo Switch, it made its way to numerous virtual reality headsets.

Playstation VR announced for 2022 release

Happy giant, Which is a studio specializing in Augmented Reality and Virtual RealityWere recruited fromLucasarts Previous Developers And the Telltale Having worked on previous versions of the franchise. The studio was also supposed to team up with Steve Purcell, the creator of the franchise, to accelerate the next opus release in virtual reality.

Several versions have been announced between 2021 and 2022, including the first one that will be availableThe VR Oculus Quest headphones this summer are around € 25. The studio has reported the next releases that will followOculus Quest, With a version of SteamVR And the Fifport Infinity Before landing in 2022 PlayStation VR. This latest release on Sony headphones is due to the fact that Sony is still in business The following virtual reality glasses Which is not expected to be available until 2022.

This adventure game is based on Sam the relaxing dog and crazy bunny Max, who form a team of detectives with muscular methods and are given their mission orders by a mysterious commissioner over the phone. Lucasarts, Who signed the first PC video game license in 1993, almost made Sam & Max their mascot with many stealthy appearances. Indiana JonesAnd the Monkey Island or Tentacle Day.

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