Gaming Calendar: Free Lightning Detonator V3 Keyboard

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Lightning Detonator V3 keyboard in detail

The One Gaming high-quality keyboard has an anti-ghosting effect as well as a dozen multimedia keys that control, for example, the media player, volume, brightness and other parameters. Five programmable macro keys record your macros very easily and without additional software or drivers. The stylish gaming keyboard lights up in seven different colors and the brightness can be regulated. Simply choose your favorite color that you want to enjoy your gaming session in and the keyboard will sparkle in either green, royal blue, pink, red, yellow, white or ice blue. The adjustable pulse effect also makes the keyboard quite eye-catching. The ergonomic design of the One Gaming Lightning Detonator V3 keyboard ensures that all important keys and key combinations are easily accessible and that the gaming experience remains fatigue-free – even after long sessions with your favorite game, be it strategy games like Forge of Empires or Action Arcade – games like Rocket League .

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