FleeceKing, first player to reach level 50

FleeceKing raised its bar, introducing itself as the first level 50 player in Pokémon Go, followed shortly after by fellow trainer Lauren Bertoni. Both players reached the maximum on January 25, after Niantic upgraded them automatically

A fan of Pokémon Go and streaming, FleeceKing made history by becoming The first player in the world to reach level 50. Other players could have reached that level before him, but he’s now the first player to document evidence of reaching the new maximum level since he was posted on social media and broadcast the event live.

Pokémon GO congratulates FleeceKing on its achievements

Pokémon GO crowned FleeceKing as the world’s first player to reach level 50. 12 minutes after FleeceKing was announced on social media, another player named Lauren Bertone also got to level 50.

It’s an amazing feat on the part of both players, and FleeceKing in particular will be remembered as the world’s first Pokémon GO Level 50 trainer as part of the game’s rich history.

Required pass from Level 49 to Level 50a An incredible number of excellent Pokéball throws, From Legendary Pokemon And strict requirements for Team Rocket GO fighters. Players must complete missions while earning experience points. These tasks become More difficult and time consuming in each level.

Pokémon Go continues to entertain players

Reaching the maximum level is difficult in a game, but in a game Augmented Reality Like Pokémon GO, this is particularly challenging due to the number of competitors to FleeceKing.

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Pokémon GO remained very popular thanks Constant stream of content updates, New Pokemon and duplicate posts. This allowed the game to adapt to a more indoor presence and to continue offering the same level of entertainment that players had invested in for years.

It took more than four years for Niantic to level up the game for the first time. So we are not likely to return to this type of implementation anytime soon. What follows to keep investing in players will be a huge factor in how the game continues the rest of the year.

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