Gecko Sticker: That's why you see it on the back window of some cars | It refers to the very specific characteristics of those cars

Audi-Gecko- audi –

What would you think if you saw a gecko in your car, not a cute little animal that runs away when it sees us, but a sticker on the car? A question many ask themselves.

They do so because, in fact, there are more cars displaying this particular sticker, which seems to be an ingrained one. true fashion, But it seems to refer to a specific category Car and brand.

What do you say? Symbols and Images, dStickers and stickers, After all, we have seen many of them in our cars, of all types, constantly, and often follow the trends that appear pass or a little more, Maybe summer.

However, other symbols, which persist over time, appear in some cases unique, universal, They cross all the streets of our cities and drive around in our carsr decades and decades.

In some cases the sticker found on our car represents the specific customization of an individual citizen or a more broad and shared trend, and represents some big brand.Brands are symbols of famous 'brands' and similar.

Gecko symbol, what does it represent?

There are some common symbols, such as the fish recalling a kind of religious allegory, while others, such as the gecko, have, precisely, a completely different interpretation. If so to see in the car, What does this mean? Let's start by clarifying that in general it is It is located at the rear of the carsBut not in some such but specific cars.

It's actually a very recognizable car and a certain characteristic that declares their specific and peculiar qualities. In this case the lizard or gecko and is one of the symbols An echo of the Audi brand. The iconic Audi brand is seen with a gecko to symbolize it. This is a clear message machine-based, But many people don't know that.

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Audi-Gecko-tech - audi -
Audi-Gecko-tech – audi –

Audi, Gecko logo

In fact, the Gecko represents an all-wheel drive system AudiAnd the company has chosen reptiles as its campaign logo for its 25th anniversary. All wheel drive since 2005. Among other things, as you can see in the photo, the logo was also updated Almost biological or futuristic.

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