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Dutch studio KeokeN Interactive and its publisher Wired Productions announce the release of Deliver Us The Moon for Nintendo Switch on July 16, 2024. As a reminder, this space exploration game was released on PC in 2018. It was also entitled to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 ports , Xbox One, and Xbox Series A new trailer will be released for the occasion.

Lunar thriller film

Give us the moon It presents a story set on the moon full of suspense and excitement. The scenario depicts a post-apocalyptic future where Earth's resources are depleted. A moon base is established after the energy is discovered, allowing humanity to be saved. You play as the last astronaut from Earth sent to the moon to discover what happened to the colony that halted all communications… and he's helped by a small drone that helps him solve this mystery.

Exploration under stress

The game is a weightless investigation where you have to pay attention to many things. On the one hand, oxygen is limited, and it is up to you to use it sparingly. In addition, many traps will test your sense of logic. Give us the moon combines elementsSurvival horrorA game of investigation and exploration for a captivating outcome. Also note the careful work on the sound and music which greatly enhances immersion. If you're curious, know this Keokin Interactive After this title was developed another space exploration game called Give us Mars Please attach your CV to the letter February 2023. You can find all information about this game on our website location.

Give us the moon up on Nintendo eShop Follower Converts the July 16, 2024. Will you be tempted by this space adventure? Let us know on our website location Or our social networks. (FB, Twitter, Instagram)

Deliver us the moon, Nintendo Switch

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