Frame laptops will soon have a RISC-V motherboard

In March 2023, we talked to you about Framework Laptop 16, a modular PC that opted for open source. We learned this week that the manufacturer will now also offer a DeepComputing RISC-V motherboard. Explanations.

Framework required, this week, revealing of Motherboard Laptop frame 13 Equipped with a new processor architecture, with a peculiarity: it uses a RISC-V processor. DeepComputing will showcase the first prototype of this motherboard in a laptop running Framework 13 RISC-V Europe SummitWhich will be held from June 24 to 28 in Munich.

Laptop modular frame

Not much is known about the project in detail, but Framework has shared several pieces of information On his blog.

We want to make it clear that this project is primarily intended to enable developers, tinkerers, and hobbyists to start testing and building on RISC-V. The range of peripherals and performance is not yet competitive with our Framework laptop motherboards powered by Intel and AMD processors. This card also has soldered memory and uses MicroSD and eMMC cards for storage, both of which are processor limitations. It's a great way to start playing with RISC-V hardware inside a thin, light, and sleek laptop. The motherboard will fit into any Framework Laptop 13 chassis or in a Cooler Master motherboard case. DeepComputing also works closely with the Canonical and Red Hat teams to ensure robust Linux support through Ubuntu and Fedora.. »

From the beginning, the connection between RISC-V and the Framework is clear. Both companies share the conviction that we should favor an open ecosystem. In fact, RISC-V is a completely open instruction set architecture (ISA).

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