Gelsenkirchen: Peace disturbances escalate and end after elbows and fists in police custody

In fact, it was just a daily case of disturbing the peace. Police were called in Gelsenkirchen-Pulmke Sunday night. But the situation suddenly escalated.

At approximately 1:15 AM, the police were called to breach the peace on Hammerschmidt Street. Here, a man was sitting in his car, with the engine running, and listening to loud music that disturbed the residents. When asked about it, drunken Gelsenkirchner responded with pretty force.

Additionally, he illegally recorded the conversation with the interfering officers on his mobile phone without their knowledge. After being informed of his criminal behavior, he was asked several times to hand over his cell phone.

The cell phone is locked and the car is pulled away

Since the 35-year-old did not comply, he was grabbed by the arm. Now the man released him, shouted at the officers that they should “be angry,” got out of his car and pushed the officer aside. This then pressed him on the car to fix it. The assailant tried to prevent this by hitting her head with an elbow.

Ultimately, he was brought to the ground and handcuffed by the officers deployed. Here, too, he resisted police action with jab and fist strikes. He was then taken into police custody to prevent further crimes. His cell phone has been seized. The parked car was towed as an obstacle to traffic. Criminal proceedings have begun. The officer had to seek medical treatment and was no longer fit to serve.

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