Signal competitor leads downloads on iOS and Android

Internet users are avoiding the Facebook-owned messaging app, which will soon force users to share their personal data with the parent company.

WhatsApp users do not digest Facebook’s decision and are running away to the competition. On February 8th, those who do not want to share their personal data with Facebook (the owner of WhatsApp) will not be able to use the app.

In protest, many are now choosing the rival Signal, which does not collect or use any personal data for commercial purposes.

Snowden, Musk and Dorsey praised her

Over the past few hours, Signal has been in the forefront of downloads on the iOS App Store as well as on the Android Google Play Store in many countries around the world, including France.

This enthusiasm for the messaging app has caused certain technical problems, particularly for checking for new profiles.

On Twitter, Tesla founder Elon Musk invited netizens to use Signal, while Detective Edward Snowden, who exposed wiretapping from the NSA, has been recommending Signal for several years. Twitter head Jack Dorsey also praised Signal’s growing popularity.

As of February 8, the personal data of all WhatsApp users around the world can be used by Facebook to provide services to businesses, particularly in the area of ​​customer relations.

To help the newcomers, Signal has also posted a tutorial on how to easily import group chats from another messaging app.

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