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Since Wednesday, February 3, a new event is available at Genshin Impact. In this guide, discover where the various photoshoots of the “Colors of Fortune” event were taken.

For a few hours, Jinshin effect Passed on Correction 1.3. With this update, many new features are available and among them, there is a temporary event called Colors of wealth »It runs from Wednesday February 3 at 4 AM until Saturday February 13 at 3:59 AM.

How to participate in the “Colors of Fortune” event at the Genshin Impact?

To participate in the event, you must have it Adventurer rank of at least 20 And the Go to Liu Port to talk to Jetwing Who will trust you when they need help and give you a daguerreotype for shooting color photos.

How do you take on the different colors in the pictures at Genshin Impact?

Once the camera is in your hands, go to your inventory and Click the tool tab. Now select the daguerreotype to equip it.

By default it will be set to Z. For personal computer users.

You should now find different colors in nature, and the task will be relatively simple because only one plant in the game allows you to take the colors:

  • Rouge
  • Blu
  • ocher
  • Brown color
  • And violets

This plant is Guyon pepper But you will need it Filming at night and targeting different flowers To get all colors. you can make au Village de Qingce To find 2.

Hot pepper 2

If you want to know more about this event and how to capture different colors in photos, you can watch the video below from Zafrost Pete.

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