In Gard, a movable oven for cooking and solidarity meetings

Parabolic solar cooker, dry toilets with integrated fertilizer, plant water purification, standalone housing, simplified solar water heater, professional baking oven, climate greenhouse, iron cement water collection basin and other new environmental building technologies …

Bruno Lorthiois was installed with his wife and three children on an ecological farm, on the hills of Vauvert, in the Gard, and had no invention anymore. Geo Trouvetou brico ecologist has just designed a movable wood-fired oven that is capable of performing all forms of cooking possible.

Without a goal? Organize culinary meetings in the popular neighborhoods of Vavert (11,500 residents) and in surrounding villages to create social bonds and connect with the most vulnerable people.

Sharing and independence

“This is a participatory project!” Proudly announces this father who designed and built this innovative oven with young people in an integration accompanied by Secours Catholique.

“It was impossible for me to build this machine on my own in my corner. The eco farm that we created with my wife, Anne (Montessori teacher), is an alternative living space whose keywords are always shared.

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