Genshin Impact, the Chinese game sweeping France

“Welcome to Teyvat, a continent of a thousand wonders where countless beings flourish in harmony. Ruled by Seven Archers, this world is where the Seven Elements converge … A boy and girl stand in the middle of quicksand. You play as one of those twins from a world Last separated by an unknown god. Then she cast a spell on you to make you fall into a deep sleep. When you wake up, the world is not the one you used to know … “

This is how we enter the fantasy world of a new virtual revolution: Genshin Impact. French players and streamers see this game as more than a hobby, it is a true virtual revolution.

MiHoYo wants to create more than just a game: a universe …

Genshin Impact is an open world game developed by Shanghai-based Chinese company miHoYo. This game continues its small path with surfing the internet with global success and it clearly has big things planned for the sequel. MiHoYo president Cai Haoyu specifically aims to create a virtual world of 1 billion people on board by 2030. The company wants to release at least one new game every 3/4 years.

The wave did not escape France, as a community of players has formed across France, and the many banners are a huge success.

Zoaldiack is a French streamer on Twitch, but also a YouTuber and PS5 user. He has about 15 viewers during the broadcast.

He loves the randomness of gacha and RPG. Genshin Impact has brought to her all aspects of the puzzle game, and she relentlessly strives to improve herself in order to have the maximum fun in the game.

“I didn’t start streaming exactly with Genshin Impact, but it’s true that since the game came out, the vast majority of my live content has been devoted to it,” he says. For Zoaldiack, it went very naturally, “Little by little, I wanted to dedicate more and more time to it because I enjoy it more and more as it gets better. And I’m improving my skills and knowledge of the game.”

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He now counts many viewers on each broadcast, and he doesn’t intend to stop there.

Fornax is a French streamer and PC player. He has about 50 viewers during the broadcast

fornax stream

For him, the design of the Genshin Impact is attractive, with a spacious world and dynamic gameplay. He says he plays “about two hours on average every day on his computer. The key to her success? It seems like the games that have revolutionized the gaming world like Zelda, Tales, etc. The manga inspired graphic style gives a very sophisticated touch.” Lots of gacha games are taken from Japanese manga / anime licenses, but this game manages to break free and draw out the most attractive aspects.

In addition to that, it has an aspect of gameplay customization and an original complexity with a lot of dynamism. So much quality that sparked players interest and made them join. “Even though the gacha system is open for cash, it makes a lot of money.”

Aiola is a streamer on Twitch and Youtuber, who plays on PC. He has about 550 viewers during the broadcast

The Iola current

“I mainly play on PC, and what I love about this game is that it’s gacha, and it’s also multi-platform. A special reference to the RPG gameplay and action,” Aiola has become addicted to the game since its release.

He would like to see it evolve over time with regular developments on updates. “What is regrettable is the long-awaited release of Maps, we all expected to see them arrive faster in the game,” he said. There is something to be impatient when you like the game.

Ayola wants more. He wants them to deepen the mechanics that already exist, like the overall difficulty of a more rated game to please the entire community. Specifically, a higher storey tower, tall dungeon improvement with crypts and mob waves that require more thought and certain team play with head-end.

However, for him the game is a real UFO in the gacha world, it is very versatile and satisfies a large portion of video game players in general as it combines boss battles with a very interesting story and a very free and complete exploration.

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Xeleko is a French Twitch and YouTube streaming player, a PC player. He has about 100 viewers during the broadcast


“I love Genshin Impact for its ‘events’ that renew the gameplay with the addition of mini-games / a secondary event that allow the game to be adapted to a completely different system.” He also appreciates the different personalities that allow him to plunge into the world of Jinshin, and the accounts to try to improve each other’s potential. “With each new release of the character, the experience is renewed,” he says. Xeleko also plays on PC, although he admits that “when he’s on the go, the mobile version always allows you to play the game for relaxation”.

The success of this game is simple to him: it works because it is cross-platform. This allows it to take advantage of the Gacha redundant economy and adapt it to a regular high-quality content system such as the DLC for the PC. Each event adds content, and the characters make us want to at least connect regularly to collect rewards. Which is the essence of gacha, in a nutshell.

Its history and being that makes you want to dive into it, which is the essence of a high-quality computer game. The harmony between the two ensures a regular base of players who have only one desire: they are eager to learn more!

Valdris and shiny are both French streamers and computer games. Together, her viewership is around 150

Valdrees shiny stream

“We are core players at gacha games, providing content about search optimization based on character building,” both broadcasters introduce themselves as follows. “We offer exclusive content on the Genshin Impact in the duo with events about in-game mechanics, but also innovative and societal content,” they continued.

For them, it is a pleasure in each of these games to discover the deepening of the mechanisms, trends, as well as the universe to which they present.

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This game works well according to it because it is very accessible and has a technical direction that attracts a lot of people and it is present on different platforms / platforms (playability) allowing to play with friends regardless of the game medium.

Camsino is a French player and video game enthusiast. He’s been playing Genshin Impact since the day it was released

Camcino stream

“I really like the gacha aspect of the game which has a foolproof system, which is very tangible. Plus, the story and characters of the game are very well done and give me a reason to keep playing.” Camsino is a portable player and has also been playing console since version 1.3 because the gameplay on mobile devices was too complex for some of the game’s events.

What he loves is the system of explorations and the variety of events offered to him in Jinshin.

“I would like the game to be a bit more difficult for certain game styles, and for the game to have resin-free content so I can play for a longer time. I would like the Traveler to be more customizable,” he concludes.

Expectations …

Banners and amateur players agree on the same conclusion. This game has a lot of strengths, but also has some weaknesses.

For starters, players start spinning in circles because the content is executed very easily. After that, the release of the new game maps is long overdue, the content of various events may be permanent, and there should be more rewards for seasoned players who play the game daily …

Finally, since Genshin Impact is available for free on PS4, PC, iOS, and Android, let’s say you really have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. But be warned, once you get the bite of it you’ll have to say goodbye to all your free time! Experienced players and fans expect more, the future will tell us what it is …

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