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Rethinking Galleries – Digital Art and New Forms of Artistic Experience (PHOTO)

ZKM | Karlsruhe (OTS) With my BEYOND MATTER and The hybrid museum experience is the focus of ZKM | Hertz-Labor has worked extensively with the production of digital art, but above all with its display and communication capabilities in a digital space. This pioneering museum and arts work is now visible through three new exhibitions, an innovatively programmed online platform, a symposium, digital modules and a new series of discussions. Funding the Hybrid Museum Experience enables sustainable improvements in cultural communication and the use of digital technology in museums.

Thanks to the generous funding of 315,000 Euros In the “Digitization in Culture and Media” project group of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), Professor Monica Grooters of the Bundestag can deal with the project at ZKM Hybrid Museums Experience – Software and Hardware for Museums of the Future To be achieved in the future. This will Experience the hybrid museum “Show as an example how digital transformation works in culture and media.” Professor Monica Grüters, member of the Bundestag

With the application of new museum technologies, such as Intangible offer – The installation of mobile devices for the comprehensive examination of models of virtual exhibitions, there is also the question of the utility of knowledge production and communication. This is recorded with the help of an accompanying study: as an extension of BEYOND MATTER becomes Experience the hybrid museum Development of an autonomous evaluation machine, through which the sustainable trends data set for the Museum of the Future can be read.

As of April 29, 2021, two pioneering exhibitions can be seen: the Physical Gallery Spatial Affairs In the Ludwig Museum in Budapest as well as the digital twin, the exhibition is online Spatial Affairs. Worlding – the world of space On The opening Both exhibitions will be held at April 29, 2021 at 6 pm It was held in English. Speaking of the following: Peter Whipple and Dr. Julia Fabiny, director of the Ludwig Museum in Budapest. Curators will guide you through the exhibitions. The recording is organized by the Ludwig Museum in Budapest. For more information, please see Here.

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The exhibition is curated by Julia Benny and Livia Nolasco-Rozas Spatial Affairs It examines technical reactions to new perceptions of space and its interconnectedness with reality, especially in times of virtual reality and computer-generated immersive reality.

More about the exhibition (Please see more information in the attachment)

Spatial Affairs. Worlding – the world of space It is an online environment designed and programmed by The Rodina, Amsterdam and jointly produced by ZKM and EPFL Pavilions, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, which invites you to explore. In the “multi-user” gallery, visitors’ avatars mix: inside with the moving objects of the grid art on display and browser-based projects. Enrico Boccioletti is responsible for the sound scene for this virtual environment. Under: And the

Two days The HyMEx Symposium (Hybrid Museum Experience) accompanies the exhibitions, From 6. -7. May 2021 It takes place online in English and is broadcast live on ZKM. Designed by Purpala Kalman (Ludwig Museum) and Livia Nolasco-Rosas (ZKM | Hertz Labor), it not only brings together leading scholars from the fields of experimental museology and organizational practices, but also researchers from a broad, interdisciplinary spectrum, to share the challenges and innovations in the field of mixed museum experiences, Focusing on contemporary art.

Key Words: Christian Ball (Whitney Museum of American Art | The New School), Boris Gross (New York University)

Additional information

Free registration / sharing With extended access to online articles and galleries

Live broadcast

With the launch of the digital exhibition platform “VIEW” implemented by the collective Estonian design group AKU On April 8, 2021, the online version of the installation planned for the summer at the ZKM site Drift, surfing, sailing In the virtual showroom Wonderful wrestling To be opened. Meaning that the laboratory would like Wonderful wrestling Enable new, i.e., heterogeneous, exotic formats of scenography and regulation. Both the installation and exhibition space come from a computer-generated pen for current guest artists: Eleni Diana Elia and Theodoulos Polyviou. The digital podium and exhibition hall will also display the installations of the following guest artists from BEYOND-MATTER.

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show room

From the summer of 2021 (Subject to changes due to the epidemic) He will be visited in ZKM on the installations related to the virtual reality room Drift, surfing, sailing Challenges visitors equipped with VR headsets: Inside, to renegotiate the boundaries of exhibition space that are often ritual and ideologically influenced. Simultaneous use of headphones enables the user to meet each other. The physical boundaries of the room are calibrated in such a way that it meets the virtual limits shown through the VR headsets, making the installation experience more immersive and tangible.

More about the exhibition

As part of the project What’s behind the matter. Cultural heritage on the edge of virtual reality In addition to ZKM | Karlsruhe, Center Pompidou is also obligated to investigate the possibilities of reviving exhibitions through experimental methods of digital spatial modeling. Based on leading exhibitions The untouched (Center Pompidou, 1985) and has crashed (ZKM | Karlsruhe, 2002) It will be for the first time during the year Digital forms Those offers are on Chest. The models were developed in cooperation with Aalto University / Finland.

The work process also includes a Chain of talks With experts from exhibitions, including Dario Gamboni, Boris Gross, Sabine Himmelsbach, Bruno Latour, Peter Whipple. This was implemented by ZKM in 2020/21 and on the project page Beyond the Article Chest. Father May The Center Pompidou begins its series of talks with experts from the Gallery The untouchedWhich is also posted monthly on the project website. Philip Bettinelli, Andreas Broeckmann and Francesca Gallo will start.


Spatial Affairs


Morihechen Allehiari, Andreas Angelidakis, Carola Bonfelli, Adam Bromberg, Guy de Lansi and Brian O’Doherty, Petra Cortright, Agnes Denis, Alexandra Dumanovic, Louise Droulet, Vojcik Vanguore, Stanislav Gälko, Lucio Fontana, García de Ho, Jamus, Hiroshi Kawano, Katarzina Cupro, Elijah Quad, Oliver Larick, Sam Lavin and Teja Brin, Jean Robert Legty, Le Cantor, Stano Massar, Seldo Meirelles, Rosa Menkman, Metavin, Emre Nagy, George Nice, Robert Olawy, Giula Bauer, Göran Petrkoll Sasha Pohflip, Alicia Negretti, Matthew Lutz, The Angels Rebi, The Rodina, Raphael Rosendall, Geoffrey Shaw, Andre Skovka, Karoly Tamko Cerato, Victor Timefiviviv, Uncategorized / Class

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Curators: Julia Penny and Livia Nolasco – Rosas

Valuable help: Jan Elantkowski, Frosina Figel

Catalog In the physical and virtual exhibition with contributions from Adam Lovasz, Sven Lutkin, Sissy Moss, Statements and articles by Stanislav Felko, Lucio Fontana, Katarzina Kopro with Vladislav Strziminsky, Bugna Konjur, Methaven, Matteo Baskineli, Gyula Bauer, John Berry Barlow and Tamkó -Sirat will be published By Hatje Cantz in English. Application from Via reservation It expands book content to the virtual space.

What’s behind the matter It is a collaborative, international, practice-based research project that pushes cultural heritage and culture to the limits of virtual reality. Within its many activities and formulas, it particularly reflects the hypothetical state of spatial aspects in artistic production, organization and education of art. Research and practice focuses on the digital revival of selected former flagship exhibitions, art and archive galleries, conferences, artist residency programs, and online platform and publications. The project started and managed by ZKM | Arts and Media Center in Karlsruhe, in cooperation with the George Pompidou National Art and Culture Center, the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Tallinn Hall of Art, Aalto University and Tirana Art Laboratory. It is jointly funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe program.

Web presence of the project

Information on the Guest Artist Scholarship

Inquiries and Contact:

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