German Computer Games Award 2021 – What is “holoride”? •

  • The winner in the “Innovation and Technology” category is … Holoride!
  • One of the winners of the German Computer Games Award 2021 is the XR technology for the car
  • With real-time data and virtual reality glasses, you can experience interactive adventures instead of gray cities and highways

German Computer Games Award winners have been announced. In addition to well-known winners such as Desperados 3, Dorfromantik and Cloudpunk, Holoride also received a good prize money for first place in the ‘Innovation & Technology’ category.

But what the hell is this? Germany’s Holoride technology (the title and the company have the same name in a non-creative way) turns a car ride into an entertaining augmented reality experience.

If you listen to music, read a book and look out the window on long journeys, you will have the opportunity to experience the journey in a colorful and interactive world through the sprawling reality platform of the Munich start-up.

You can get a glimpse of the entertainment content in this trailer:

The trailer shows how the passenger dives into the holoride and the gray towns transform into green landscapes with giant penguins. With the press of a button on the linked controller, you can convert penguins into skeletons, for example, and collect points in the process.

Other times, the car is a pterosaur transporting you through a prehistoric world or a spaceship in the midst of a space battle. You don’t see how everything works – but that’s why we are!

Once you wear the virtual reality glasses, the world around you changes. With every meter you drive, the virtual reality scene also moves and constantly detects (or while you’re driving) new content.

In order to transform your travel environment into virtual reality in real time, Holoride uses artificial intelligence that transforms the navigation data it collects during the flight into a virtual scene.

Holoride 1
Instead of pulling a switch or a smartphone, with Holoride, you completely immerse yourself in virtual reality.

The AI ​​takes into account the trajectory, time, and even steering, braking and acceleration of the vehicle. To do this, XR technology must be connected to the vehicle via a simple interface. Commercially available virtual reality glasses are supported. Holoride is constantly working to make more vehicles and locations available for the technology.

With Holoride, one ride should not be like the other. The content adapts to the type of route, driving style and flexibly to the site. This is how reality becomes part of the game. This ambitious project is supported by Audi (See the Audi e-tron in the trailer) and Disney.

Holoride can also become a true alternative to a nauseating smartphone or book for people with motion sickness, because by comparing what you see and what your body perceives, the XR technology can reduce the feeling of nausea.

In southern Germany, the VR stadium can be tested in-car upon request. This year, Holoride plans to merge the series with early automobile manufacturers. Within five years, technology should work in all modes of transportation, Holloride explains in an interview with Munich – startup.

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