OM 3-2 Lorient: Lirola Saves the OM – Season Match

In Marseille (Velodrome Stadium)
L1 | J33 | Saturday 04.17.2021 | 17:00 a day Channel +
3 – 2
(MT: 0-1)
Referee: Hassan Hajj | Weather: Winter again (11 degrees) | Earth: tired | Spectators: 0
Payette (53rd place) Movie (19e)
Lerola (56) Mophie (70e)
Lerola (90)
Match note: 05/10 Judgment Note: 10/06

After a stunning draw in Montpellier, OM had to confirm against Lorient. There were still goals but the count is not there in the match, which is the stated goal of his coach. The team played only a quarter of an hour, the first of the second half. He allowed two goals to be scored, but Lorient also had offensive arguments. Fortunately, in the last minute of organizational time, Lerola didn’t ask anyone to score the winning goal with a perfect cross. In the absence of certainty in the match, Sampaoli will end the weekend with 3 points.

Thauvin failed on the left

One change, and that changes everything. To start the segment, Sampaoli introduces the expected configuration, with Caleta-Car and Alvaro commentary, with one change to that: Cuisance instead of Luis Henrique. What we expected: Thuven is responsible for occupying the left lane, the player on loan from Bayern plays Payet to support Melek. And you might say it right away, it’s a total failure. OM don’t get any clear chance in the first period, there is a complete lack of good names like Lirola. As for Thauvin on the left, he is unable to take Fabien Lemoine quickly. With nothing continuing, Laurentian’s team got them to score at their only chance: breaking the entire pivot from Wesa, which perfectly serves Mofi in the rear before overtaking the Nigerian Mandanda to score in the empty net.

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OM is rebuilt … very quickly

The bellows are in place in the first half and it’s … Lucas Perrin who bears the brunt. Louis Henrique returned, order remained intact, and Thuven, Cassance, Joy and Camara slipped. Suddenly the team wakes up. Melek misses his first chance by shooting Dreyer while he is in the box? Payet equals within a minute. Upon delivery from the pole head, he set a strong shot and broke the cage. A few minutes later, it was Florian Thuven, at the end of the series, who launched Lirola in the area. The Spaniard does not shudder and OM returns to the front of the scoreboard. Maybe too early. Before the hour of play, OM thinks it may have arrived too quickly. Payette on the occasion of Dreyer’s ending, but he tried the small bridge and missed 3-1. He is not the only one, in the attack, Thauvin is fully implanted and serves Wissa who is leaving in the opposite direction. At the end of the action, he’s goal and Lorian tied with the inevitable Mofi who cleans Mandanda’s window. 2-2 And maybe it’s not over because Lorient has gained the confidence and tried with Luffy, Laurenti and Wesa. In the end, however, it is the Lerola hit that will hit the target.

Mandanda (G)
Lou Beren L Henrik 46 – Balerdy – Sakai
B- Camara – B.
Lerola – Quizans Khaoui 76e – Payette Nagatomo 90e – Thofen
Belongs to
do not enter : Pele (g), Benedetto, Bertelli, B. Ding, Germain, and Necham
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Xi by Laurent
Dreyer (G)
Hergault 64 Fairy Gravelon – J La Porte – Chaboula – Le Jove
Monk Monconduit 46e – Abergil
Wissa Boisgard 81e – Laurenti
IMovie Grbic 83e
do not enter : Nardi (g), S. Diarra, B.Y. Hamel, H. Mendes, Morel

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