Ghost Recon Frontline Reveals: Fans Already Hate It

Ubisoft is turning the Ghost Recon franchise into a battle royale. It is called: “The Front Line”. Source: Ubisoft.

Marking the 20th anniversary of the popular Ghost Recon series, Ubisoft hosted a major livestream on Tuesday. As part of this, a new game was surprisingly announced. This title is called “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline” and it is…a free class-based battle royale title.

Ubisoft announces that in the new game Ghost Recon you will meet more than 100 other players for the first time and fight them for your survival. So far nothing new. In addition, Ghost Recon Frontline is based on a first-person perspective and a squad system in which to find different disciplines. Typical for this type, you will find new equipment on the map to be able to better act against enemy teams.

In addition, we are allowed to place guns, build covers and even entire turrets, create advantages in combat with different tools and be on the move with vehicles. However, there is no truly innovative approach. To win the game, Ubisoft relies on an extraction system in Frontline, similar to Hunt: Showdown or Escape from Tarkov. At the end of the reveal presentation, we can already peek at the map, which at first gives a rather large impression of the playing area. See for yourself.

Ghost Recon Frontline – Trailer Show

Ghost Recon Frontline is developed by Ubisoft Bucharest and will be an F2P-FPS based on PvP tactics and action. This is how the publisher describes the new game. You can register now to be one of the first to finish the game. But do you want that at all?

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The closed beta in Europe for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline is scheduled to begin on October 14, which is Thursday of next week. But there is a big problem: the community does not like the game at all. Like Ghost Recon Wildlands and especially Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ghost Recon Frontline has also faced massive criticism.

Big catch – the opposite of what you want

Instead of listening to fan concerns and increasingly returning to the tactical gameplay that characterized the franchise at its height, another almost arbitrary Battle Royale is presented. The criticism of the community is expressed above all in the rating of the introductory videos on YouTube. About three-quarters of the reviews are negative. In the comments there are many notes that you do not want a battle royal, but a title that really depends on tactics. Fans want a campaign, slower gameplay, and PvE missions that can’t be stressed enough, fact tactics. With the Ghost Recon Frontline, Ubisoft is going in the exact opposite direction.

Ironic comparisons to Call of Duty, a “worst stopping point” or now semi-legendary “Blizzard’s off-season April Fools joke” are also inevitable. Ubisoft seems to have lost touch with its community at the moment.

How do you feel about the persistence of the Ghost Recon genre?


How do you feel about the persistence of the Ghost Recon genre?x

You can watch the full ad here:

Of course, we also give you the official description of the game, as Ubisoft brings it to the unveiling:

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline is a free-to-play massive tactical shooter game set in the prestigious world of Ghost Recon. Ghost Recon Frontline features an advanced class system and a variety of tactical support tools that allow complete freedom in strategic play. There are many ways to beat opposing teams And win every battle.”

The critical features for the success of Frontline are summarized in the following points:

  • Unlimited tactical freedom (smoke screens, automatic cannons, barriers and more)
  • difference based on chapter
  • Huge battlefield
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