GIGABYTE launches its new flagship gaming laptop, AORUS 17X with amazing performance

TaipeiAnd May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – GIGABYTE today launched the AORUS 17X gaming laptop: an all-new flagship model that combines outstanding performance with improved portability. The AORUS 17X is Intel’s latest processor, the 12th generation Core i9 HX, which provides up to 16 cores. In combination with the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 graphics card, the performance gains of the AORUS 17X are significant: it can be up to 32% compared to its predecessor. So desktop enthusiasts can enjoy the same performance while on the go.

High-performance cores require extreme cooling. The latest generation AORUS 17X is based on the exclusive WINDFORCE Infinity cooling system. It features a pair of highly efficient fans, 6 heatpipes, and multiple cooling fins that can effectively remove heat from the CPU and GPU, keeping your laptop cool while maintaining peak performance as you work through the tasks you perform.

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Unlike traditional screens with thin bezels, which are usually limited to the sides, the new AORUS 17X, as well as the AORUS 17, are the first gaming laptops with ultra-thin bezels on all four sides, thanks to foldable technology. Thanks to this innovation, the bottom edge of the AORUS 17X screen has been cropped by 30%; This brings the overall screen-to-frame ratio to 90%. The folded panel also allows the AORUS 17X to have a 17-inch wide screen, on a chassis that’s nearly 15° high, greatly increasing its portability. Besides, the AORUS 17X is built for fast-paced gaming: it features a super refresh rate of up to 360Hz, which is six times faster than conventional laptops.

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The AORUS 17X gaming laptop is a true game-changing beast, delivering unparalleled gaming power and visuals in a more compact form factor. So it’s powerful enough to be able to play particularly heavy games, even on the go. For more information on the AORUS 17X and other gaming laptops in the AORUS lineup, visit the official AORUS website:

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