The trainer decodes the NCM game

Back at the wall after three consecutive poor performances against ASO, MCO and CRB, coach Amar Sawaya should score well on Friday during the first leg against NC Magra. Realizing the difficulty of his task, the technician does his best to dissect his opponent’s next game as much as possible and get as many details about him as possible, whether it’s his weaknesses or strengths. Mohamed Trabelsi, who is in charge of watching the videos, made some video footage of the recent NCM matches, especially those played at home. Ammar Al-Suwayeh takes the opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Bugeish companions who have not lost a match at home in this second leg of the tournament and their last defeat goes back to December 17, 2021 against RCA (0-1). So the coaching staff of Yellow and Green seeks to put all the assets on the side of his team, to reconnect with the path of victories, to make the fans forget about the last three bad performances and regain second place in the rating.

He has an idea about the discount

Even without watching the videos of the last matches from NCM, the coaching staff of the yellow-green have an idea of ​​the qualities of the Magra players, as JS Kabylie had already faced them in the first leg at Stadium 1Verse-November 1954, and Rafak Ben Sayeh defeated them 3-0, but a lot has changed in NCM since the last meeting between the two teams. Ammar Sweih and his associates don’t want to leave anything to chance and try to gather as much information as possible from the Magra team, a formidable team in their field.

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He wants to win the middle battle

Based on these details, coach Swaya is trying to make several improvements in the way his group plays and is focusing his work primarily on the midfield. He knows very well that at this level everything will be played out. In other words, he wants to win the middle battle at any cost, otherwise JS Kabylie will not have much chance of winning their match. The opponent’s strength lies in his midfield and the coach must strengthen this compartment if he wants to win the battle. Physically fit players like Slim Boukhanchouch should line up. The technical staff intends to make the final adjustments to their squad as of today’s training and will undoubtedly provide instructions to their defenders in order to counteract the NCM attackers’ plans. Souad, Bouhaq and their companions will have to remain attentive against the Magra team, which includes highly technical players like Demani.

Watch out for the selected balls!

The most awesome strength of this NC Magra team is nothing but the steady plays. The latter is behind the majority of goals scored by Tunisian coach Lassaad Muammar’s skills since the beginning of the current season. To do this, the Djurgers must ensure that Magra’s set-pieces do not reach their nets, by placing defenses and putting pressure on opposing attackers to prevent them from being in a position of strength.. in the penalty area. To this end, JS Kabylie’s first artistic director, Amar Souaih, insisted on more defensive rigor, particularly with regard to fixed plays. One thing is for sure, the defenders of JS Kabylie would have been vigilant, because the slightest mistake in such an important match will cost the team, which badly needs to come back with a convincing result from this trip in order to stay in the race. for second place.

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