Global Digital Cleaning Day: What if you cleaned your computer or smartphone?

Delete your emails and photos and don’t send emails if not necessary… World Digital Cleanup Day calls on citizens and communities to take a big sweep.

How about cleaning your phone or computer? This is the purpose of Operation Global Cyber ​​Cleanup Day, the global digital cleanup day, which began on Monday and is actually happening all this week. The goal is to encourage as many individuals, businesses, and communities as possible to sweep the digital floor.

Why clean your data?

Everything saved on your computer takes up memory and your device will run slower. Deleting data allows your computer or smartphone to free up space and thus free up space and run longer. This will save you from changing machinery regularly, especially since your hardware manufacturing footprint is 78% of your carbon footprint. “ It takes 240 kilograms of fossil fuels, 1,000 liters of water, and 500 kilograms of matter overall to produce two kilograms of a computer. Just because a smartphone or computer is small doesn’t mean they don’t have a big impact Julianne Bildt, from Lille, recalls behind Cyber ​​World Clean Up Day, an initiative he launched during his first detention along with other members of the Global Clean Up Day Association. It should be noted that the global digital ecological footprint represents 4 % of greenhouse gas emissions Data centers that store this data consume 10% of electricity and these numbers could double by 2030 if nothing changes.

How do I do ?

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Cleaning your digital data on your computer, smartphone, email or social networks is a harmless and quick procedure. This requires simple gestures, as Julian Bilt reminds us. ” You can actually unsubscribe from newsletters or search for the heaviest emails to delete afterwards. You may have some blurry photos stored on your phone. You may also have them on hard drives instead of on servers that are synced to the cloud. By deleting data from your computer, you will make it last longer and run faster. »

World Cyber ​​Cleanup Day website It offers a whole series of tips for people who want to embark on the process. There may also be local initiatives near you. In 2021, this process enabled France to delete 58 terabytes of data (8 terabytes of email messages, 44 terabytes of computer and drive files, and 3 terabytes of smartphone data), the equivalent of 1,100 tons of carbon dioxide.

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