Good & Evil 2 is still alive and well, and will be resubmitted by Ubisoft – Nert 4. Life

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Apparently it is progressing with growth, with that plan “Going well” Ubisoft’s report at its recent conference dedicated to investors spoke of the publisher’s willingness to take action New presentation Of the future game.

It’s been a long time since we last had official information about Beyond Good & Evil 2, and Michael Ansel’s departure did not exactly convey the comforting news about the project, so doubts are certainly justified The health of the game.

According to reports, it seems that do not worry Ubisoftin During the conference, however, no precise message came beyond the simple fact that development was “going well”, and there seemed to be an intention to create a new presentation, probably with a more advanced structure, in the future.

Questionable information has been reported by Benji-Sales and JKX, and Ubisoft plans to release a free-to-play mobile game for the quarter ending March 31, 2022, with future plans from the publisher.

We learned that recently Ubisoft Montpellier, Beyond Good & Evil 2 team, in unannounced game, works for the rest Updates The same practices that came up last October regarding the health of the title, directed by Ansel, said that Ubisoft’s growth was already well underway.

We last saw Beant Good & Evil 2 for the fifth stream from the developers, however it did not reveal anything new which caused some disappointment among the fans.

Veronica Tucker

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