Skull & Bones: 8 years of highly complex hacking game development, now in alpha

WhileUbisoft has just submitted its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2021-2022, Kotaku I decided to make an article about the seemingly complex development of skull bonesThe hacking game that has been off the radar for far too long. His last official appearance dates back to September 10, 2020. Then he told us we’d see him again in 2021 since then Ubisoft Singapore need more time. We’re still waiting and given what’s being reported, it’s no wonder this…

First of all, you obviously take all this with caution, because the sources (former publisher developers) want anonymity and we don’t have enough to verify this data. And therefore, The project could have started 8 years ago in 2013 as a multiplayer expansion for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, before it develops into a kind of MMO Which would then be a code name Infinite black flag which then evolved into Freedom Projectto know skull bones. we have Explore inE3 2017 While that Vivendi He was trying to get the publisher, just like Beyond Good and Evil 2 He also did not come out before him I will come back next year. We managed too Try it on this occasion. However, part of the sources claim that apart from the demo shown, the game did not actually exist at the time, while the other part states that there was a lot more to release in it. early access Then to have it evolve over the months according to the service game model. anyways, he is It is currently scheduled for release before March 31, 2023 It is currently in alpha.

The Skull & Bones team is proud of the work they’ve done on the project since its last update with production only past alpha, and they’re happy to share more details when the time comes. However, any unfounded speculation about the game or decisions made only serves to demoralize the team that is working hard to develop an ambitious new franchise that lives up to the expectations of our players.

Over the past year, we’ve made significant changes to our policies and processes to create a safer and more inclusive workplace and empower our teams to create games that reflect the diversity of the world we live in.

althoug, There will be no exact view of this project with many meaningless elements. This is clearly not a letter Financial Director Frederic Doggett, claiming that development has progressed well over the past 12 months and that the team is using that extra time to deliver its full vision. between Reboot and change over the years, Even the basics of Skull & Bones will still raise questions… Management will be part of the concerns, the headquarters in Paris does not hesitate to change all the officials as soon as mistakes occur, as he does Toxic corporate culture, and many employees were tired of working for many years on it, and they had left the ship for other companies like Tencent or riot. would lead Young and increasingly inexperienced team, does not help complete the project. And if the technology at that time had developed at that time black flag can be used with origins Back then, there is now an entire generation that has gone through it.

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What is almost certain is that everything we saw in 2018 is no longer on the agenda. And so, in 2019, skull bones Rather inspired by games like Rust And the ARK: Survival Evolved With the resources to manage and explore the lands you seek as well as naval combat, as well as a roguelike aspect, before being dropped in 2020 for the current undefined form of the game.

So why continue when there is a risk that you will end up like A مثل National anthem ? Well, indeed The development cost will be 120 million dollarsAdmitting this failure and this financial loss seems very difficult. Furthermore it, It seems thatUbisoft It has obligations to the Singapore government, which reportedly made grants in exchange for hiring a number of employees and launching a new license in subsequent years.

In short, we are not about to get our hands skull bones If it does eventually appear, hopefully the developers will eventually find the right recipe that players will love. Meanwhile, the gold version Dr’Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag have sold €35.99 per gaming planet, so on the PC.

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