Good marks for PlayStation VR exclusivity

Even though PlayStation VR is at the end of its life, the PS4 virtual reality headset still has the right to a nice exclusivity, perhaps even the last, this August.

Exactly three days later. August 20 That Fracked will be available on PlayStation VR. The game will therefore be playable on PS4 but also on PS5. Note that PlayStation Move is required to be able to play nDreams. a Free to play demo It’s even been available for a few weeks to give you your first opinion on the game. Fracked is offered for €24.99.

For a more complete opinion, we took a tour of the sites that just posted their test for Fraced. Reviews are fairly positive as are the reviews since then, our partner VRGameCritic, which lists all VR gaming tests, offers, With an average score of 79/100 With 10 articles. One of the weaknesses that appear regularly in various tests is their low 3/4 hours of gameplay.

We have chosen to convey to you two conclusions from two game tests:

download : Fraced is a fun game to play, although not the massive shooter saga to complete the PSVR era. By all means, its arena-based action is enhanced and thrilling, offering fast-paced action with intense battle settings. But the game ends too quickly, as it has never had the opportunity to develop its core elements and offer a rich experience that its mechanics deserve. Fraced starts running and never leaves, but the finish line is much closer than it should have been.

RoadToVR : Fraced has a lot to offer: satisfying interactions with weapons, a great visual style, a unique and highly functional cover system, and a handful of side activities like skiing, rock climbing, and light puzzles to set the pace of the game. When it comes to combat, the game lacks variety to keep things interesting until the end, as it is initially grueling with only three enemies and two main weapons. The story does its best to keep the action moving, but it seems left behind, leaving the player wondering about their motives and scratching their heads at the puzzling ending.

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