The new version of Meta Quest Pro is in preparation

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has reportedly begun work on the second generation of its virtual reality headset, the Quest Pro 2. And in the program is a headset that can meet new professional expectations.

Meta Quest Pro offers more precise controls thanks to its controllers and sensors // Source: Meta

It is in the report that he was able to obtain the information Announcing the suspension of work on Apple's new virtual reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro 2, until we learn information about the advanced virtual reality headset from Meta.

Headphone suitable for professional use

Meta Quest Pro unveiled in 2022. An advanced version of Meta's virtual and augmented reality products. Barely released, we learned that Facebook's parent company was going to launch development of its successor in November 2023, according to Download virtual reality.

This new model will now be called: La Jolla. This name was mentioned in the hardware roadmap shared on the edge. In March 2023, it described Quest 3 as well as other Meta products. The roadmap calls for the 2024 Quest Pro 2 competitor to be scrapped for a more ambitious, “future-focused” model.

According to the roadmap, the La Jolla will feature the Avatar codecs, have a higher resolution, and retain the Quest Pro's rear battery design. In 2023, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new version of his avatars with a very realistic look. The avatar codec was mocked during its introduction in 2019 due to its cartoonish appearance. This is a meta research and development project to revolutionize telecommunications.

“We want to make the resolution higher for professional use and move more towards precision work.”Reportedly said Mark Rabkin, Vice President of Meta.

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Accessibility above all

Colleagues the information Aim to be clear. No release date for La Jolla has currently been announced. The road map they were able to obtain points to an exit “into the distant future.” The company's priority will be to launch a cheaper headphone by 2025.

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