Google adds feature to enhance pixel photos already found on iPhone

Android Police said, Google has recently upgraded the system using it Google Camera application. To take a picture of the level, you need to see two level indicators (one in yellow and one in white). You can create these lines on the surface by keeping your phone more upright. Try adjusting the camera until both lines are on top of each other. When this happens, it indicates that you have For the snippet This is great for pictures of famous landmarks. Even better, if you own one Pixel 4 Or later you will feel a little feedback when the phone is OK.

If you want to take a top-down photo (this means a photo taken with a camera No angle Allows you to catch the top surface of the frame), hold your phone straight so that two sets of cross chairs (+) indicators appear. Adjust the phone until the yellow and white cross chairs lie on top of each other.

Cross chairs are available for taking status photos on your iPhone. Simply go Settings > Photo tool And phase transition. Hold the phone for a few more seconds and you will see the white cross chair and the yellow crossbar. Sort them out by moving the phone and you will have a level photo.

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