Google Assistant’s “Guacamole” promises immediate reactions

Google Assistant Mountain View continues to receive a lot of attention from home. Then Wizard mode, And related news Google Assistant Snapshot, Comes with a dubbed function “GuacamoleThis, in some cases, allows you to communicate with the assistant without saying “OK / Hey Google”.

Google Assistant What is “Guacamole”?

Got sight a few weeks agoApplication Google, A function called “Guacamole” appeared in the preview for some users, which is available in a special section of the Google Assistant’s Settings menu for smartphones.

As expected, when enabled, it allows users to communicate with the assistant without the obligation to spell the default keyword “OK Google”, but only in certain circumstances.

Android Police In fact, he points out, it works for some Basic Commands, For example, answer calls or turn off alarms, timers and alarms with a simple “answer” or “stop”.

However, even if there is a change in the settings menu and it is selected in the dedicated section, it will not currently work.

So we expect “Guacamole” to come soon; In all likelihood it will be made public Next Google I / O 2021 Will take place within a month.

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