Tips: How to Take a Video Screenshot on Android?

Maybe you didn’t know it, it is possible to take a video screenshot. You don’t know how, MeilleurMobile explains how to do this from your Android smartphone.

The Android OS is packed with features that are useful for your daily life. In Android 11, there is the possibility to take a video screenshot. In order to make a quick tutorial to send to your loved ones, this option can be very useful. You can also present actions from your smartphone to employees for work.

Take a video screenshot on Android:

On Android, there are a large number of overlays depending on the manufacturers. However, the process to operate the required function is very simple. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your phone’s notification menu
  • The camera icon is for screen recording
  • Once you’ve accepted the licenses, hit the little red button

The tool works like a camera. Make the required recording until you stop it. Once done, the video in your files is just like any other content. However, you might not have an updated Android version. Note that there is software available on the Google Play Store to perform this type of operation.

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Az Screen Recorder No Roots is ideal for recording your smartphone screen

The best mobile app available in this field is Az Screen Recorder, currently available on the Google Play Store. Once installed on the phone, a red camera logo will appear on the edge of the screen. Next, here’s how to save touch screen interface content.

  • Click the button to open the tool window
  • Select the recording option
  • The count is done as “3, 2, 1 …”
  • Video capture begins
  • Tap the square to pause the video.
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As with the original option on Android, the file is stored in the video gallery. With the possibility to share it again on social networks.

Download the Az Screen Recorder app directly from the Play Store

Tips: How to Take a Video Screenshot on Android?

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