Google breaks down SMS on many Android phones and is now turning the tide

Zoom in / Google’s messaging application. It is now broken.


If the text messages on your Android phone suddenly stop working, you are not alone. Google has released a bad copy of the Carrier Services app, which has caused SMS to be broken on many Android phones. It also looks like the company is fixing the issue by returning the update.

Carrier Services is a small known Android system component released in the Play Store In 2017. This highly privileged application with the package name “” is part of Android IP Multimedia subsystem (IMS)Phone 3GPP is a set of standards that allows you to connect your phone to a cellular network and generally provides voice, video and text, including luxury over the counter such as voice over LTE, WiFi calling and RMS, which is a modern alternative to SMS. Google typically uses this app to get new RCS features out to users, but it can also be used to quickly distribute bugs to users when things go wrong. With over a billion Play Store downloads as the default Android app, it has a huge range.

Google has released version 50 of its carrier services, and since then many users, including Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Motorola and DCL customers, have reported SMS sending and receiving issues. Android Police An earlier version of the app, Carrier Services V48, had received reports that users were automatically downgrading it.

If you want to verify the version of your carrier services, open the system settings, press the search button in the upper right, type “carrier services” and press the Application info end for the carrier services application (it has a multi-colored puzzle piece next to it). If your Android skin somehow breaks the search feature of the settings (it happens), long-distance presses “Apps & Notifications”, then “View all ~ 100 apps”, then scroll down to find carrier services. When you get to the application info screen, press “Advanced” at the bottom and you will see the version string below. If you are in version 50 and have problems, uninstalling the app updates (available via the three-dot button in the upper right) is a temporary solution.

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