Google is testing dark mode for searches on the computer

Google Dark mode tests on the desktop version of the search websiteAnd the Like the one shown from macOS Mojave on Apple computers. This helps relieve eye strain for people who work all day behind a monitor.

Testing appears to be limited at the moment, but we already know who the edge That the very dark gray theme of the Google homepage also extends to the search results.

It is not clear when Dark Mode for Desktop Search will officially roll out worldwide. “We are always testing new ways to improve our user experience, but we don’t have anything specific to announce at the moment.Google said the edge.

Nor is it the first time that Dark Mode has appeared in Google’s desktop search. The feature was tested for some users in December but has quietly disappeared from circulation …

Apple and its Dark Mode

Apple introduced Dark Mode in 2018 with macOS Mojave and iOS 13, and its support is now a staple feature in most native and third-party apps on mobile and desktop.

It is impossible to determine when the change will appear in Google. Meanwhile, there are some alternative methods available to get rid of the white background from Google searches, such as the Dark Reader extension, available on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

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