Stonefly, the game from the studio behind Creature in The Well

Independent game developers at Flight School Studio, the team behind the hit 2019 game Creature in the Well, have revealed their new game, Stonefly. It is a quiet and easy-to-paced adventure game, set to release in the summer of 2021. Stonefly takes players on a captivating robotic adventure through an enchanted forest and unveils an exciting story of self-discovery and belonging. The game will be published by MWM Interactive, a division of entertainment company Madison Wells, which brings players creative, artistic and engaging games designed by indie developers around the world.

“Stonefly is an exciting new step for our small development team. We designed a game that reflects Annika’s journey of self-confidence as an inventor facing an unknown world,” said Bohdon Sayer, game director at Flight School Studio. “MWMi has been incredibly supportive with Creature in the Well so it was only natural that we would partner again with Stonefly. They gave us creative freedom in every step of this ambitious project.”

Set in a painstakingly handcrafted world inspired by mid-century modern design and nature, Stonefly tells the story of Annika, the brilliant but naive inventor who strives to find a lost family legacy. As Annika, players invent and create their own mechanical abilities. Her journey takes players deep into the jungle, strategically hovering between gorgeous plants and dangerous animals in material gathering missions. During this journey, players encounter hungry insects and meet a series of prominent characters who help Annika find her inner strength and come to terms with her legacy.

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